How to perform projects properly?

A brief tour around the technologies used in Appomart for implementation of your projects.
We will tell you how we work, why we are better than a common studio, and how we manage to save your money.


Your concepts require irreproachable documentation – a guarantee of successful project implementation at all stages.


Elaborate screen prototypes are drawn by designers, turning into an elegant and user-friendly design.


A mobile app, website, administrator interface takes shape and begins to function.


Preparing for release: testing and debugging. Project launching, analyzing, updating and improving.

Project Management

The key to success is responsive management. High level the team organization and availability of innovative services and tools is the right way to achieve the goal.
  • Tools We Use
  • Asana
  • GitHub
  • Slack
  • Postman
  • Swagger
  • Zeplin
  • Sketch
  • Justinmind


Maintenance of working documentation in the customer’s language. We develop an interactive API documentation using Swagger and Postman.

Version Control

The project team uses Slack to prevent the loss of important information. The autocommit mode allows tracking all changes in real time. Bugs and errors can be easily tracked with version control system using the Git repository.

Task Management

We use Asana project management system to track the task statuses, deadlines and sprints.

High Productivity and Competitive Price

We understand the value of time and money. We strive to make sure that customers apply again and recommend us. The project success is a combination of a good idea, competitive and real terms of development, as well as high-quality performance.
“I do not like to state unrealistic deadlines, and I do not like to underestimate the costs – be ready to hear the truth right away, not months after we start implementation. We objectively make calculations and estimate terms using step funding. Such an approach allows clearly planning the project budget, making the process the most transparent and predictable.”
avatar Vladimir Chyorniy, Chief Executive Officer and founder

Approach Corresponding to the Customer’s Needs

There are two development methodologies – Agile and Scrum. The choice of a certain approach depends on the specific project, goals, objectives and budget and the customer’s psychological portrait.

  • If you prefer a step-by-step project development, participation in discussions, the development process, then the Scrum methodology suits you.
  • If you wish to have the project developed "turnkey" and get the finished product in accordance with the set goals and objectives, then you will like the Agile approach.

Agile software development

One of the project management approaches built on the time management principles.
Main advantages:

  • Change requirements are welcome;
  • Frequent delivery of operating software;
  • Daily communication of the customer with developers.

Scrum – Sprint Development

The advantages of this methodology are flexibility and adaptability. You can always change something in the product, add one more feature. This methodology is perfect for large projects that require a quick start with minimal functionality. Thus, you can release the software with the basic features, and add new ones with each subsequent sprint.

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